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Zcash Miner

100 Sol/s @ 0.05 BTC for One Year

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Zcash Miner

Zcash or ZEC is a new CryptoCurrency launched on October 28, 2016. Zcash uses zero-knowledge Succinct Non-interactive ARgument of Knowledge aka zk-SNARK to provide private transactions that encrypts sending address, receiving address and amount data of a transaction. Zcash defines two type of addresses, namely t-address & z-address for transactions. t-address is transparent or public like a bitcoin address and z-address is a private one, which provides the privacy Zcash offers. Zcash employs Equihash as its mining algorithm. There will be total 21 million ZEC mined. Average time to mine a Zcash block is 2.5 minutes. Amount of ZEC created per block will halven in every four year. For first four year, 12.5 ZEC will be created per block and 20% of that will go to the founders as Founder's Reward. For first 20000 blocks, Zcash went through a phase called Slow Start Mining. In Slow Start Mining period, ZEC mined per block was (blockNumber * 12.5 / 20000).

At Zcash Miner we have deployed FPGA miners for Equihash mining. Our contracts last for one year. Each contract will receive daily payment and will be able to withdraw at respective Zcash addresses every week. Minimum purchase is 100 Sol/s and cost of new Solve Rate is 0.0005 BTC/Sol/s.

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January 16, 2017


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