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Zcash Miner

100 Sol/s @ 0.05 BTC for One Year

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Zcash Miner

Zcash or ZEC is a new CryptoCurrency launched on October 28, 2016. Zcash uses zero-knowledge Succinct Non-interactive ARgument of Knowledge aka zk-SNARK to provide private transactions that encrypts sending address, receiving address and amount data of a transaction. Zcash defines two type of addresses, namely t-address & z-address for transactions. t-address is transparent or public like a bitcoin address and z-address is a private one, which provides the privacy Zcash offers. Zcash employs Equihash as its mining algorithm. There will be total 21 million ZEC mined. Average time to mine a Zcash block is 2.5 minutes. Amount of ZEC created per block will halven in every four year. For first four year, 12.5 ZEC will be created per block and 20% of that will go to the founders as Founder's Reward. For first 20000 blocks, Zcash went through a phase called Slow Start Mining. In Slow Start Mining period, ZEC mined per block was (blockNumber * 12.5 / 20000).

At Zcash Miner we have deployed FPGA miners for Equihash mining. Our contracts last for one year. Each contract will receive daily payment. Minimum purchase is 100 Sol/s and cost of new Solve Rate is 0.0005 BTC/Sol/s.

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February 6, 2017


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